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Our Services: System Integration, Software Development, Safety Data Sheets

As data service provider with an own system integration and software development we attend you in your own language. We provide the latest data and components for industry software, ERP systems and other integrated environments. Customers of our SUMDAT data service receive only an intuitive display program for our up-to-date prepared data sets, so that we will not compete with you in your capacity as a software manufacturer in any market segment.

Components regarding Classification of Hazardous Substances

For several years Qualisys has been working with an own classification software, which is not licensed for other companies. Our software was motivated by the lack of a common product that would deliver sufficient instructions needed for a serious post-processing by our experts, instead of directing towards fast results. This experience now makes it possible to deliver a new software:   

This component is available as DLL within your software: your customer only sees your software Kunde as well as your GUI, and needs only an instalation . DLL contains all required data. There are no additional system requirements or interactions. Your customer does not even have to learn that you are using our components! Therfore we also do not publish references.