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Qualisys – Your Expert for Safety Data Sheets and Hazardous Substance Management

If you have any questions regarding the creation of Safety Data Sheets, our team will support you rapidly and specifically, even in difficult cases of the recipe evaluation, classification and labelling as well as the creation of legally compliant Safety Data Sheets. You can be sure, that our offer will meet your company’s individual requirements. Our guide is always a thorough research of current legal bases and lists for 38 countries. An interdisciplinary team from a plenty of countries deals with these partly very complex tasks. The advantage for you is a particularly fast and competent support for hazardous substance management for biocides, detergents, (animal) cosmetic / pharmaceutical preliminary products as well as approvals for the automotive industry. Benefit from our extensive know-how based on many years of experience in the chemical industry!



SUMDAT Data Service – Benefit from EHS Management Systems and Reduce Costs

Hazardous substance management systems or EHS management systems play an important role in the creation of Safety Data Sheets. Here, you can add and edit your data independently. The Qualisys SUMDAT data service uses the results of an EHS system, but with fully prepared, customer-specific data. Thus, we can relieve you form many tasks that are required to create a correct and up-to-date Safety Data Sheet, such as monitoring of hazardous substance and dangerous goods data. also offers you an innovative online infrastructure for a simplified transfer of Safety Data Sheets and other documents. Are you looking for a cost-effective Safety Data Sheets creation or management? Our SUMDAT data service will prove to be a well chosen investment. In fact, common experience shows that internal processing of Safety Data Sheets often proves to be significantly less profitable if you add up software costs and training, further training for specialist knowledge and an unreasonable amount of work.


Effective Risk Limitation by Optimized Hazmat Management

Qualisys is a customer-oriented and innovative company. While we are creating Safety Data Sheets or hazardous substance labels or testing the marketability of your products, we always pay particular attention to professionalism and a flawless communication with our customers. In order to optimize the hazmat management in your company, we offer you support in all questions of doubt. We help you to understand the legal situation with regard to your products. We also work ambitiously to support you in ensuring the necessary product safety or limiting product liability risks as well as regulatory compliance


Always Up To Date With Qualisys Hazmat Information Service

With Qualisys you remain fully informed, so you will be able to make progress on a subject as complex as hazardous substance management. You have the opportunity to consult our team of specialists in the area of international hazardous substances and dangerous goods law by phone. We deal with the evaluation of drafts and ongoing procedures for future restrictions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and timely information,so that you can optimize your product portfolio and react promptly tothe constant changes within the chemical law. This prevents products from remaining unsaleable in the warehouse in the worst case scenario.


International Hazmat Management With Content Packages for Software Manufacturers

We are specialized in system integration and the optimization of electronic communication within the supply chain. However, the creation of Safety Data Sheets not only requires perfect product knowledge, but also a well-founded knowledge base with regard to the national regulations or the legal situation of the respective target country. That is why we offer software manufacturers a multilingual phrase database, which contains constricted data packets for the respective transport carriers or the applicable limit values. We deliver hazardous substance management expertise and content on topics such as transport data IATA-DGR / IMDG / ADR / RID / ADN, workplace limit values, biological limit values, national regulations and phrase packages EuPhraC / ESCom / UN transport identifier. We help your software company to integrate all legal requirements to ensure a complex hazardous substance management.