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Welcome to Our Team

With a team of employed experts with degrees in natural sciences, law, linguistics and computer science, Qualisys has all necessary competencies to form a backoffice for hazardous chemicals and hazardous goods. Since its foundation Qualisys has been an ever growing company.

Common requirements

For most of our open positions, we expect an academic degree and some years of industry experience. A German mother tongue is not required – the ability to speak and write other languages increase possibilities especially with respect to our international customers. Very good English is necessary for most of our jobs.


Working hours

If you are able to work independently and also appreciate working in a team, you will find here an environment with flexible working hours. If not described differently, this is valid for all our jobs: If as a "mini job", part-time or full-time – as a family friendly company we are willing to adjust to your work schedule (e.g. to re-enter industry during or after parental leave). No matter how many hours, we offer permanent contracts for all of our jobs.

Working environment

The deployment location is 40764 Langenfeld. All contracts of employment are of unlimited duration.


Please send your application with CV and desired salary and working hours to Mrs Barbara Krönig, preferably via e-mail to info(at) You can attach copies of your certificates or bring them when it comes to an interview.