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Data exchange formats and interfaces

You receive the Qualisys content either as a file or via IT interfaces:

  • We offer XML data, CSV tables, SQL dumps and proprietary text formats of your choice as file formats.
  • We implement IT interfaces (API) via REST or SOAP. The data is transmitted as JSON or XML.

Full integration of further services

  • With, we offer you a future-proof environment specialized for the chemical supply chain. can be used by your customers, standalone or integrated in their web site, your cloud solution or on-premise software. 
  • Our substance information service helps your customers to recognize the need for action at an early stage.
  • We can also seamlessly integrate our individual service into your software if you like. In this way, your customers combine the best of both worlds - your software with all the data processing options and outsourcing where it seems advantageous.

Flexible contract structure

It's about your software customers. We adapt to your market, your software and your contracts. That is how we see our role as a content provider.

We license our data and software components to you in the same structure that you offer to your customers. There are no upfront costs - we work with you to develop a product and price structure that matches your business model and fits in with your sales concept. We only charge you for your sales. Alternatively, we offer a flat rate with the right to sublicense indefinitely - this guarantees that working with Qualisys is always more economical than maintaining your own data.