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New Approach to Hazard Classification

General software systems either offer no support regarding the hazard classification or, after entering the various parameters, they provide only one UN number. Here, the transport-mode-specific UN numbers (>= 8000) are not taken into account.

Due to many different aspects of regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods experts agree that a definite, automatical categorization is not possible. Therefore Qualisys provides a new, "defensive" software approach: a hazard classification function, which includes implausible UN numbers. What remains ist the range of possible classifications.

In addition, the found record can be restricted in a pragmatic manner, if, for example the dangerous goods safety adviser limits the logistics to certain UN numbers or packing groups: They can be preselected within the scope of Qualisys MOVE. For all prefixes which are not on this list MOVE will automatically assign an empty classification result. We believe that it is the most appropriate combination of safe classification and optimal user convenience.

Transport of Dangerous Goods – Technical Implementation

Qualisys MOVE via Windows DLL with a size of an average 1,5 MB includes all relevant data and algorithms for supported classification of the following transport modes:

  • ADR: road transport in Europe
  • RID: rail transport in Europe
  • ADN: inland water transport in Europe
  • IMDG: sea transport, international
  • IATA-DGR: air transport, international
  • DOT: overland transport in USA
  • TDG: overland transport in Canada

The provision of data by MOVE does not require a special data base. Therefore MOVE will not change your software's system requirements.

DLL-Interface provides features for the calling up of ASCII – as is he case with UNICODE character strings. The parameter transfer, determination of the results and data transfer are described in a 30-page documentation. In addition, we deliver a demo-application in the source code that will simplify the adaption in your software. Our free tech support via email and telephone will always help to solve any problems.