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Changes in the legal environment fill the morning. In addition to a preview of GHS Revision 9, we will focus on changes in Europe and Asia, such as the status of Eurasia-REACH, the introduction of QR codes for safety information on labels in China, and the idea of a classification class for persistence, mobility and toxicity (PMT) as part of the EU's "Chemicals Sustainability Strategy".

This lays the grounds for discussing substantive implications in the afternoon, such as: Why is the ATEmix becoming more significant? What is the methodology for moving from hazard to risk to occupational health and safety? (Program subject to change).

There will again be ample opportunity for face-to-face discussions both on-site (under 2G rule and any infection control measures that may be in effect at the time of the event) and virtually.

The new presentation shows the development of the last years: EuPhraC, the "European Phrase Catalogue", is no longer only European, because it is further developed together with the data exchange standard SDScom, and this covers more and more jurisdictions.

Under the leadership of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), experts in hazardous substance management met on April 21, 2021, for the annual workshop to discuss and plan progress of data exchange in the chemical supply chain - virtually this year, of course. Dr. Dirk Henckels, Managing Director of Qualisys and Release Manager of the project, introduced the new features of SDScom version 5.0 and presented the new eSDScom homepage, which also contains information on the eSDScom roapmap into 2022. The next version will be eSDScom 5.3, which includes phrases and XML schema, and is scheduled for release this summer.

You can now find the latest version of the SUMDAT.nat app for Android in the Google Play Store. It offers you offline access to your personal safety data sheet portfolio - whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or end user. One of the new features is that you receive a notification in the status bar when safety data sheets have been updated. This makes it effortless for you to stay up to date and then share the new documents via mail or messenger.