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Your Hazmat Backoffice – Effective Hazardous Materials Management, Less Costs

The Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice is primarily concerned with the recording and checking of incoming Safety Data Sheets from your upstream suppliers. Here, we carry out a detailed examination of the basic data and (phrases) standards with the aim of enhancing the content quality as well as clarify product liability cases or other difficulties with supplier data. The collected information is the basis for creating correct hazmat labels and Safety Data Sheets. For software systems, Qualisys offers phrase packages, legal lists, substance data and program components that deliver innovative and complete solutions for your hazardous substance management. Thus, our Hazmat Backoffice combines advantages from two worlds for your hazardous substance products: The benefits of a hazardous substance management software without the effort of data processing.

Creating Safety Data Sheets: Cost-effective Solutions With High Data Quality

Our Hazmat Backoffice team offers you the necessary specialist knowledge for checking the marketability of your product, the creation of Safety Data Sheets and the structured electronic data exchange in the chemical supply chain. In this way, we make a significant contribution to risk limitation, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. Our SUMDAT concept is not only a high-quality solution, but also the most profitable one for your hazardous material management. We call this the “Backoffice Advantage”. In concret terms this means that the personnel expenditure for safety data in your company drops below 10 percent related to the use of a hazardous substance management software or other outsourcing alternatives. Thus, you can save costs for literature, research and the already-mentionedhazardous substance management software which often amount to save several thousands euros annually.In addition, the quality of the supplier information increases due to the trustee property. Thanks to the quick availability of checked data, we can reduce numerous (cost) risks for you.

Hazardous Material Management – Individually and Worldwide

As a supplier of Safety Data Sheets, translations, limit values, transport carrier data and national regulations for many well-known software houses in Europe and North America, a daily research for changes in law and their practical handling in European, American and Asian countries is a matter of course for us. Our own software development and system integration allows us to respond flexibly to special requests and to find optimal solutions with individual phrases under consideration of current legal information from the target country. The result is completeness and quality that is well above the market average!

Hazmat Backoffice vs. Hazmat Software

With a hazardous substance management software, you get a phrase library to choose from, for example the EuPhraC standard phrases. For complex descriptions, you will eventually create a user phrase and order translations to integrate them back into your software via copy & paste. With SUMDAT, Qualisys creates and translates product specific phrases without extra costs. You might receive a temporary text from our internal database. Once the translation is completed, we will send you a revised Safety Data Sheet.

Efficient and Future-driven: Our Hazmat Backoffice Is Your Competitive Advantage!

Due to the increased demands on data volume and data quality, the transfer of Safety Data Sheets on paper or as a PDF file might be already ineffective for the recipient, or, in the worst case, it cannot be handled. We are therefore actively shaping the development of standards for phrases and data exchange formats on an international level and have developed procedures for the transition to this digital future. Your advantage: You can already integrate the data from the Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice cost-effectively into your company's IT system and thereby create a future-safe solution. This turns hazardous substance management into a competitive advantage.