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Hazardous Material Management for Manufacturers, Importers and Only Representatives

The Qualisys Hazmat Backoffice fulfills all requirements for a modern risk management for hazardous chemicals. Primarily, we offer you a thorough legislative analysis and investigate incomplete or contradictory data of your suppliers. Our interdisciplinary team with its own data research waives any purchased content as well as our own software development and system integration ensure the high degree of flexibility with which you can quickly and competently answer any questions you may have regarding hazardous substance management in general or specific topics such as Safety Data Sheets and the use of your product in the particular target country.

Dealing With Hazardous Chemicals – We Keep the Overview

The principle of high data qualityis particularly important to us. Therefore, you will receive regularly updated and expert-verified data for your special preparations. This can not be done by a standard database or classification software for hazardous substances or hazardous substance management. Our experts have many years of experience in the chemical industry and companies of all sizes. We help you to develop products to the market and inform you if ingredients become listed as SVHC or if their legal classification changes – so that you can modify your recipes in time. All in all, we have well-founded knowledge in dealing with hazardous substances and keep you up to date on all legal changes. We will advise you competently with regard to all technical and procedural requirements. Our practice-oriented seminars, which are offered on a regular basis and help you to implement all current regulations legally and economically feasible, also provide a good introduction to the subject of "Hazardous Substance Management".

Hazardous Substance Management at the Workplace

A well-structured hazardous substance management is not only essential for the transport of chemical substances. Also, for the implementation of all requirements and measures for the protection of workers, which are laid down in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (German: GefStoffV), a functioning hazardous substance management plays an important role. The primarily aim here is a careful documentation of the operational processes, in which a particular chemical or mixture is used. Corresponding instructions and Safety Data Sheets serve as a source of information for the proper handling of hazardous substances. Qualisys supports you in the implementation of hazmat management by creating Safety Data Sheets and hazardous material lists, researching alternative substances and evaluating the use of hazardous substances in your company.

Integration and Future Readiness

Our broad market experience as a partner of various software vendors is obvious in our data. No other data service has access to an own catalogue of more than 25.000 phrases and also delivers substance databases. We import your data directly into your IT system or store it on your server – in systems such as SAP EH&S and the CSB system, in industry specific solutions, or just as PDF files. With SUMDAT-Desktop, you can use an intuitive software with smart options that is tailored for your workplace or small teams.It is a software for displaying Safety Data Sheets, labels (also bilingual) and other documents. As supplier Safety Data Sheets are usually not collected completely but only in part, the result can not be a complete Safety Data Sheet. Nevertheless, the display in SUMDAT-Desktop in the format of a Safety Data Sheet or individual safety information for employees or management is useful if you want to read the data in the known structure. This allows you to compare the collected data with the incoming documents, provide consistent information to your employees worldwide, and establish group-wide hazardous materials management. In case you switch from our SUMDAT-Desktop to an ERP software, we will secure your investment by transitioning your data to the best possible degree. We will gladly discuss with you a suitable individual solution.

Hazardous Substance Management – We Do NOT Offer the Following Services

Qualisys specializes in the optimization of hazardous materials management in the chemical supply chain. In particular, the following services are NOT offered by Qualisys:

• Classification of the health hazards of new substances by means of QSAR

• Laboratory tests, physical tests and animal experiments

• Acting as sole representative for distributors in other countries/jurisdictions

• Legal assistance in areas not related to hazardous substances legislation, e.g. in food law

Relating to all the subjects mentioned above, we would be pleased to assist you in finding suitable partner.