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Efficient Acquisition of Incoming Savety Data Sheets

The basis for every Safety Data Sheet of mixtures and products is your supplier’s information. Qualisys checks the files for completeness or accuracy and integrates them into your IT system. As a first step on the way to a correct safety data sheet, Qualisys records the product information you submitted from your upstream suppliers. You can send us the already existing Safety Data Sheet per e-mail, by fax or post. The format or language used does not play a role. We also accept EDASx or SDScom data, if your supplier may provide them. This reduces the costs of the data acquisition within the scope of the module data preparation.

Collection and Review of Your Safety Data

We may provide the full range of services including the collecting and providing of incoming Safety Data Sheets. Do you need parts of Safety Data Sheets to provide hazmat classification for your laboratory software? Or to create labels and hazardous substance registers in SAP? Or to create transport documents (like IMDG Shipper's declaration) or ADR suitable delivery notes? Qualisys gathers relevant data and checks it in accordance with both generally valid rules and your input. This way, you can define alerts, for example, if certain hazards are not to occur in your products. Each Safety Data Sheet must bechecked on the basis of the following formal criteria:

  • Does the Safety Data Sheet correspond to the currently valid national / regional regulations?
  • Did the minimum requirement for information been fullfilled?

If any errors occur, we will send you a detailed documentation.

Optimal Document Management for Your Safety Data Sheets

Qualisys provides your supplier’s Safety Data Sheets worldwide in the SUMDAT-Document-Management. Various search options provide fast results. For example, you can filter your supplier’s Safety Data Sheets according to various criteria and compare the collected data to the incoming documents. This way you can also inform your employes worldwide and establish a group-wide management of hazardous goods. Qualisys will work with you to provide the individual solution you are looking for.

Surveillance and Updating

Once the supplier Safety Data Sheets are documented, Qualisys can monitor them for you. In case of legal changes or after an agreed time period, we will ask your supplier for updated information. Each new Safety Data Sheet version is documented and made accessible to you. In case an error occurs, Qualisys will contact your supplier and ask for correction. Similiary, when as a result of legal provisions the last update within a certain legal jurisdiction is considered to be necessary. This can be irregularly required because of current law changes. On the other hand, some changes occur regularly due to the country’s legal basis (Canada: every 3 years). In all we collect the current version of your Savety Data Sheet and provide it to you.We help you do your due diligence, gain uninterrupted data management and reduce your product risks via access to timely information.