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Effective Hazardous Substance Management by Means of Optimized Data Delivery

When handling with hazardous substances and chemicals, provision of comprehensive information on potential hazards, risks and safeguards is not only obligatory, but essential and practical in terms of an optimized, Group-wide hazardous substance management. Qualisys SUMDAT Desktop provides an innovative display software for Safety Data Sheets, labels, operating instructions and all relevant lists. The direct access to these different types of documents, allows you to compare your captured data with all incoming documents, so you may consistently inform your employees worldwide. The SUMDAT system automatically generates all legal adjustments and translations for all supported languages ​​and countries. Our internal processes reveal and resolve deviations resulting from missing information.

Harzardous Materials Management with Data Integration into IT Systems

SUMDAT combines the advantages of Qualisys service with those of a hazardous substance management software. Qualisys specializes in data integration into IT systems such as Content Management (CMS), Document Management (DMS) oder Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This makes the high quality in data authoring twice as efficient: Consistent data bases and higher integration save money and speed up internal processes and reduce risks. We propose different integration strategies, depending on the target system. For SAP systems, for example, we have developed a standardized three-milestone integration model that ensures increased efficiency at a low entry price. We look forward to finding the best individual solution for you.

Integratation of Safety Data Sheets and Other Document Types into Web Pages

Your Safety Data Sheets must be available to your customers free of charge. An important (albeit not solely sufficient) way is to offer continuously updated data on the web. Qualisys can upload your Safety Data Sheets as PDF files to your server. A content file enables your web server to automatically create matching web pages. Then, changes in your product portfolio do not require manual administration anymore and are immediately available.

Further Solutions with SUMDAT Web Environment

Alternatively, Qualisys offers its own SUMDAT Web environment which can host your Safety Data Sheets for your customers. Form and content of data sheets created by Qualisys will be updated immediately. Our qualified team not only monitors the information your Safety Data Sheet on compliance with the law, but also the overall formula under strict confidentiality. All documents can be adapted to your wishes through various options and saved as a PDF or bitmap file or CSV file for lists. As for the administration and precise operation of SUMDAT Desktop, we will gladly send you a separate document.