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SUMDAT Desktop: All information in one place

If you use the Qualisys service for customized safety data sheets, you will receive the SUMDAT Desktop software. It fulfils many of the functions of a small hazardous substance management system, only without the editing option (because the data comes from Qualisys) and is aimed at small to medium-sized companies as well as individual workstations in the hazardous substance management departments of large enterprises. Document management with added value makes your safety data sheets and other documents available on the Web, with or without password protection. It can be integrated into your website, offers archiving and notification functions, multi-level access management with different roles and is fit for many thousands of documents, hundreds of users and all screen sizes.

eSDScom: Pioneering structured data exchange

To connect multiple IT systems, we rely on eSDScom, an industry standard for structuring safety data sheets and regulatory information. Qualisys is actively involved in the further development of eSDScom out of conviction and provides the technical infrastructure for it. eSDScom is open source - its XML specification is freely available on GitHub.

Customized system integration

For applications such as online stores, labeling or logistics, a simple exchange of relatively little data is sufficient. CSV files are ideal for this - each line a product, each column a piece of data. Qualisys also implements individual interfaces cost-effectively thanks to its flexible infrastructure: key files for SAP document import, automatic order transfer or ISO containers for an upcoming EU Digital Product Passport (DPP).