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The Qualisys advantages

Qualisys is your partner if the following aspects are important to you:

  • Full research depth: We do not use third-party data, but monitor all international regulations ourselves and maintain our own phrase catalog based on eSDScom. As a result, you not only receive data, but also have access to the right contact person for all content and contexts.
  • Four-eyes principle: Every newly created safety data sheet is checked for correctness, consistency and completeness by an experienced second person. This quality should be a standard for service providers, but it is not.
  • Technical expertise: Probably no other company of our size is more committed to efficiency in the supply chain: online solutions, data exchange formats, methodology - challenge us!

What Qualisys does not offer

Qualisys optimizes communication in the chemical supply chain. However, some activities in this context require a different way of thinking or working. We therefore work together with partners in the following cases:

  • Occupational health and safety - This requires experts on site, while we mainly work from our location.
  • Substance registrations, e.g. with the ECHA under REACH - The moderation of registration consortia, acting as sole representative and modeling of QSARs are activities that differ significantly from marketability testing and product notifications.
  • Emergency call services for poisoning and transport - You can commission this directly with us, but it is handled by specialized and experienced companies that provide the necessary 24/7 infrastructure.
  • Consulting services in other areas such as food law.