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Qualisys prepares safety data sheets, labels and product notifications (PCN, SCIP, biocide and national registers) for chemical companies and distributors. We check the marketability/saleability of your products in new markets. In doing so, we reduce your product liability through solid research and communication with your suppliers and clarify inquiries from your customers or authorities.

If you prefer to create these documents yourself using software from our partners, you can use our data packages.

Hazardous material management for manufacturers, importers and distributors

Your responsibility differs depending on your role (as defined in hazardous substances legislation, in Europe according to REACH). You may also have different roles for different products:

  • You are the first marketer if you manufacture or import a product. Within the EU, only imports from countries outside the EU are considered imports.
  • If you are a toll manufacturer, you are also considered the first marketer of your product in many cases.
  • If you are a private label / white label distributor, you are also legally the manufacturer and first marketer, with all obligations.
  • Only as a distributor of products whose name and manufacturer you do not change, you are exempt from most obligations under chemicals legislation.

Depending on your role, these obligations apply to you in particular:

  • If you place pure substances on the market, your hazardous substances are subject to registration (depending on the quantity).
  • If you place mixtures on the market, your hazardous substance mixtures are subject to PCN notification.
  • If you place on the market or resell articles containing SVHC (substances of very high concern), you are subject to SCIP notification for these.